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Related article: Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 17:30:23 +1100 From: Iain Robertson Subject: After Nick & Noah - chapter 4Copyright for this Lolita Nude Pics story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me -- all emails will be answered to the best of my ability. Nick & NoahChapter 4"Noah, you know that tonight was just about the sex, don't you?" Nick sounded pained. They had just returned from their encounter with Supersub, which had become a serious session of hot lusty sex involving the pair of them and the other man -- a complete stranger until that very night."Yes, of course," Noah reassured him. "And about Richard of course.""Oh, yeah, of course. But I mean, what we did, what I did, with Supersub -- that had nothing to do with the way I feel about you.""I know, hon. Don't forget, I took part in it too, and just as willingly and just as enthusiastically as you. But you're right, it was just sex. There was no emotional attachment, no love in that." He smiled at his lover, offering unspoken support. "And I think we can admit that we both enjoyed it!"Nick chuckled. "Yes, I think we can admit that."They collapsed into bed and slept soundly that night, both from the physical exhaustion, and safe in the knowledge that their relationship was on a sound footing. ***The next morning, they sat and analysed what they had learned so far."We need to talk to Joe," Noah said."He needs to know what Richard has been doing!" Nick added forcefully."Yes, I guess he does," Noah agreed. "I was hoping to spare him that, but we haven't spoken to him for a couple of days, and after what we've learned, I think he needs to be told. Maybe he can help us out some more."They checked that Joe was home, and arranged to call on him that morning. When they arrived, they found Tony there as well, fussing about, making coffee and generally acting like a worried mother-hen."Have you found him yet?" Joe asked anxiously."No, I'm afraid not," Noah said uneasily. "Although we have got a few leads ..."Joe looked happier, but Tony raised a questioning eyebrow, his expression suggesting he was not too happy to hear that Nick and Noah were making some progress on that front."So you think you know what has happened to him, then?" Tony asked."No, we haven't had much luck there either," Nick responded."It's more a case of discovering some things which happened before he left," Nick said. "And I think we probably need to talk about that with Joe in private."He looked directly at Tony, who returned his gaze with a defiant stare."Joe?" Nick said, also looking at Tony."It's okay, Tony, I'll call you later, mate," Joe said, misery written all over his face."But, Joe, if you need someone, some support ...?""We'll make sure he's alright," Noah promised. "If needed, we'll call you before we leave, okay?"Joe nodded, and Tony agreed reluctantly. Nick walked with Tony to the front door, and as he left, Tony whispered quickly to Nick: "You found out he was playing around, didn't you?""I, uh, we need to talk to Joe," was all Nick replied."I knew it! That bastard. Joe is gonna need me now, more than ever. Make sure you call me when you're finished. I'll come straight back and stay with him."Nick nodded. "If that's what Joe wants," he said.Back in the living room, Noah was sitting with Joe. As Nick joined them, Noah was trying to prepare Joe for the news."You have to understand that sometimes things come out when someone goes missing, that were never meant to be known," he said carefully."What do you mean?" Joe asked with a mixture of fear and uncertainty. "And why couldn't you tell me in front of Tony -- he's my best friend.""Because there are things we have found which you might not want Tony to know about," Nick answered."Joe, there's no easy way to tell you this, but Richard hasn't been faithful to you," Noah added, as gently as he could."What? That's ridiculous! Richard would never play around on me, I'm sure. We talked about all of that when we first got together, and promised each other we would never do it."Nick sat down so that the worried Joe was sandwiched between himself and Noah. "I'm afraid there's no doubt about it, Joe," he said sadly. "We've found, and spoken to, at least two guys that he has had sex with in the last month.""No," wailed Joe. "It can't be true!""Didn't you ever wonder about where he was?" Nick asked. "It appears he was `out' regularly -- like every three or four days. Surely you must have noticed something?"Joe shook his head, still unbelieving. "He works all kinds of shifts. We never know until the day before exactly what hours he's rostered for. He can be gone quite often from lunchtime until the Lolita Nude Pics early hours of the morning.""And you don't call him at work?""He said not to. His supervisor is really homophobic, and he doesn't want to have to explain why a man is calling him all the time, so I never do." Joe looked crushed now, the possibility of what he had been told being true was dawning on him."There's more ..." Noah said quietly."How much more?" Joe's voice was no more than a strangled whisper.Noah looked at the other man sympathetically. He would have given anything not to have to drop this on him, but there was nothing else for it. "He has a fake email name, and a `secret' identity. We found out that he belongs to a Club that specialises in S & M, masters, slaves, orgies, all that kind of thing, for guys who get off on anonymous sex. He even has a reputation as a very dominant `Master'. And he also advertises himself on at least one of the match-up services on the internet for the same kind of thing.""I don't believe you!" said Joe, not convincingly.Noah nodded at Nick, who pulled several sheets of paper from his jacket pocket. Nick handed them silently to Joe, who opened them reluctantly, then gasped at what he saw."That's a print-out of his `profile'. I'm assuming that it's Richard?" Noah said.Unable to speak, Joe simply nodded dumbly, his gaze transfixed on the photograph of Richard in full leather gear."Are you sure you don't know anything about any of this, Joe?" Nick asked now. "It must have been hard for Richard to sneak out, especially with all his gear, without you knowing."Joe shook his head violently now, finding a squeaky voice. "He was always gone by the time I got home, and I was usually asleep when he came in. We keep our leathers in the other room, and I never even think to look for them unless we're playing.""We found most of this information about him on his computer," Nick said.Joe suddenly became angry. "That bloody computer! I always tell him he spends way too much time playing with that thing,""You never wanted to use it, or learn about it yourself?""No, I asked once, but he just fobbed me off, and I wasn't all that interested anyway, so I never tried again."Noah faced Joe again. "You probably don't want to hear all the details, but we do need to ask ..."Joe nodded, and Noah went on. "We found someone with whom Richard had sex about four days before he left."Joe winced, but nodded for Noah to continue. "He hasn't seen him or heard from him since, but apparently there was someone else who might have seen him or been with him more recently. The guy we spoke to didn't know this other person's name or any details, except a nickname -- `big boy'." Joe grimaced again."Does that mean anything to you? Do you know anyone, or ever heard Richard mention anyone called that?"Joe shook his head in resignation. "Never!" he declared."We've checked his computer again this morning, but we can't find any mention of `big boy' anywhere," Nick said. "Which is strange, since it seems like he has details of everyone else on there.""No, guys," Joe's voice was weighed down with sadness now. "I have no idea about it. This is all just too much to take in. I just can't believe it!""I'm sorry, Joe," Noah said with feeling."We'll go," said Nick. "Do you want us to call Tony? Would you like us to wait until he gets here?""No," Joe replied. "I don't know if I can face Tony just now. He'd keep on at me for details, and I can't tell him about all this leather stuff. I'll have to get myself together before I can let him know about Richard playing around.""Are you sure?" Noah asked.Joe nodded. Nick and Noah made their good-byes, insisting he call them if he needed to talk, no matter what time of day. ***When they got home, Nick grabbed Noah as soon as they stepped inside the door, kissing him hard and holding him tightly."Well, thanks!" Noah stuttered once they separated again. "What did I do to deserve that?""Just being yourself, and loving me, and telling me everything," Nick replied. "I love you so much.""And I love you," Noah answered."Would you make love with me?" Nick asked suddenly anxious. "Romantic, tender love, please?""Of course, my darling," Noah instantly agreed.He reached out and took his partner by the hand, leading Nick into the bedroom. With some soft music on, Noah stood for a long moment, simply looking into Nick's eyes and smiling. Then slowly, tenderly, he began to undress them both. He lifted Nick's shirt up and over his head, letting it fall to the floor, and then unbuttoned his own, peeling it away from his body. They looked into each other's eyes with a growing desire, tempered by the enjoyment of the slow stripping away of their clothes. Both also took the chance to examine and admire each other's body, familiar yet still so exciting.Nick's jeans were undone and slid to the ground, and Noah knelt to pull them away, and remove his shoes and socks as well. The pants the taller blond man wore were similarly shed, and Noah also shucked off his underwear, standing naked before his Greek god of a lover, the beginnings of tumescence in his manhood. Slowly, carefully, he lowered Nick's shorts, and as he did he kissed his way down those powerful legs, before standing up again and moving into Nick's embrace.They held each other for a long time, arms intertwined, and simply stood, enjoying the intimacy of being naked and together.Noah suddenly leaned forward and kissed Nick on the lips, covering them with his own. Nick jerked with surprise, but the surprise quickly turned into delight as they held the kiss, lips opening and tongues making tentative forays into each other's mouth, and the delight grew into arousal as Nick felt tingles race through him with the touch of Noah's hand on his leg. Nick's hand slipped from Noah's shoulder, to trace along his ribs and across his belly, and the kiss increased in intensity as they began to explore teeth and gums, to taste each other and revel in the wonder of their love. After an eternity, they finally broke the kiss, separating slightly and looking deeply into each other's eyes. A smile spread slowly across both faces as the two men allowed themselves to acknowledge that they both wanted and needed each other.Without a word, Nick swivelled around, and together they fell back onto the sheets, side by side. They kissed again, hands reaching for bodies, fingers tracing across skin as they trembled and shook with the beginnings of passion. Noah rolled onto his side, pushing Nick back, flat on the bed. His mouth attacked Nick's again, then licked at his mate's chin before tracing its way down his neck. Noah licked and nibbled his way over Nick's chest as Nick sighed with pleasure, his hands roaming over Noah's back and shoulders, his fingers pushing through Noah's hair and holding tightly Lolita Nude Pics to the beautiful head that attacked his body. When Noah's moist lips touched the head of Nick's swollen, throbbing cock, Nick gasped. He was so hard he hurt, and Noah's tongue was so feathery soft. Noah licked at the slit of Nick's prick, tasting the first droplets of pre-cum that had already appeared, and proceeded to slowly and sensuously lick his way down along the shaft, sending spasms of joy through Nick's frame. He nibbled gently at the rolling nuts in their sac of skin, before taking them right into his mouth and massaging them with his tongue. Nick groaned with delight.Noah pressed onwards. Letting Nick's testicles plop from his mouth, he manoeuvered himself around, lifting Nick's legs and gaining access to the tender skin between his legs. Noah flicked his tongue over the sensitive perinaeum and Nick moaned again. Lifting his face away, he leaned forward as Nick wrapped his legs around Noah's body. Again they kissed as Nick guided Noah's steel hard prick down to rub along the crack of his arse, and pinched at the skin of Noah's earlobes. This time Noah groaned with pleasure. Just as he knew what turned Nick on, Nick knew exactly what to do to get Noah's blood boiling.Nick found Noah's hand with his own, and guided it to the bedside drawer, where a bottle of lube was within easy reach. Still soundless, apart from the occasional sighs and moans of pleasure, their eyes met again, a smiling recognition of their love. Noah applied the cool gel of the lube to his throbbing cock, and smeared more around Nick's hole, massaging it in with his fingers and ensuring his mate's sphincter was liberally coated. Nick lifted his legs again to Noah's shoulders as Noah kneeled between them, and slowly nudged his hard, aching prick toward Nick's twitching target. As skin connected with skin, the two men looked deeply into each other's eyes, and nodded.Nick pushed back against the firmness of Noah's manhood, willing himself to relax and to accept his man. He trembled with anticipation, and ached with need as his mate inched inward. With a small grimace of pain/pleasure, Nick felt his own muscle surrender, and Noah was inside him, the head of the long hard cock penetrating him as his sphincter clenched around Noah's glans. He felt Noah stop and wait as he adjusted to the sensation of being filled, and Nick looked longingly into Noah's eyes. Noah began to slide slowly into him, and Nick gasped with joy as his lover's rock hard pole ever so gradually pushed its way into his body. He marvelled at the indescribable pleasure of having Noah enter him like this. The unbelievable sensation of a naked cock assaulting his arse was amazing, but even more incredible was the joy of having the man that he loved make love to him. He may have been the top when they were in their leather, but this love-making was unbelievable.Noah struggled to maintain his composure as he breached Nick's hole. Waiting for a second to allow his partner to adjust, and to catch his breath, he ached with the delight of making slow tender love to his normally aggressive partner. Pressing forward again, his entire body trembled as his dick probed slowly, slowly into Nick's body; the wet heat of his mate's bowel enveloping him and the clamping ring of muscle gripping at the shaft of his weapon.Finally, Noah came to rest, the entire length of his masculinity buried deep within Nick. The two men grunted in unison. Noah leaned forward and down, and Nick lifted his head to meet him, so their mouths met in a long kiss of passionate ecstasy. They remained locked together, joined at the groin and the mouth, for several minutes as they savoured the delight of truly making love.With the end of the kiss, Noah began to move again, slowly withdrawing a little, and pushing back in again. As he did, Nick constricted his sphincter against the flesh of Noah's pole, gripping at him before relaxing as his lover surged forward. The two soon fell into an easy, gentle rhythm as Noah moved in and out of Nick, their bodies melding as one. Nick quivered as his arse was massaged and his bowel filled by the warm, powerful sword of Noah's rod. Noah for his part trembled in ecstatic pleasure as the hot moist cavern of Nick's innards wrapped around him, caressing his very manhood. Nick and Noah did more than have sex, they made love. And they rocked together like this for what seemed an eternity, immersed in erotic delight.But even with the care they took to prolong their loving, and despite their efforts at Lolita Nude Pics resting and waiting to allow the growing urges to subside, base instinct overwhelmed each of Lolita Nude Pics them. Noah tingled as the tempo of his insertions increased, his entire being seemed concentrated in the sensual shocks generated within his cock. Nick too felt the waves of pleasure sweep up and over him, an irresistible sensation that emanated from his rectum, and sent notes of impassioned need through the rest of his body. Faster and faster Noah thrust, harder and harder his body pumped into his lover. Soon he was pounding his long, fleshy dagger deep into Nick, plugging his partner with a ferocity born of uninhibited passion. Nick's legs were wrapped around Noah's back, and he used the leverage to pull his man deeper and deeper into himself, humping up at Noah in rampant need as they sweated and gasped together, forming a single writhing being, the embodiment of masculine sex. They moaned and hissed as one, rutting furiously, fucking each other. Noah fell forward, his palms behind Nick's shoulders as he tried to pull his lover further onto himself, tried to bury his pole more deeply in the squelching gripping cavity of Nick's being. Nick's arms were trapped by his sides, but his hands found the firm round orbs of Noah's butt, and he squeezed and pulled at his man, desperately trying to take all of Noah within his aching, needing body.Noah knew his climax was approaching fast. He tried to hold back, but the demands of nature were pushing him to the brink. His nuts contracted and his cock swelled within the sheath of Nick's arse. He began to shout a warning, but his voice was cut off as pure ecstasy engulfed him. Nick heard the strangled cry from his mate at the very moment that his body spasmed with surrender and Lolita Nude Pics his balls emptied their precious load. He felt Noah go rigid within him as his cock exploded, long thick streamers of cum shooting between the trembling bodies, and coating both of them in white hot globs of manjuice. Noah watched with a detached, glazed look as Nick's jism poured from his long throbbing prick. His own masculinity, sunk so far inside this beautiful man, ached and twitched as he filled Nick's body with his essence, a torrent of ejaculate flowing from him and into the already heated cavern of Nick's bowel. As one, their orgasms crashed upon them, shook them both with the ultimate joy of release, and locked them together. And together, they began to subside. Suddenly, exhaustion took over, and Noah collapsed onto Nick's sweating frame, his now spent cock still lodged in his lover's hole, as Nick went limp beneath him, his energy sapped.Their lips found each other again, and this time their kiss lingered, drawn out and tender as they slowly disentangled themselves. Lying side by side again, arms around each other, they relaxed in the warm afterglow of post-coital bliss, the sated joy of sharing the most intimate experience two people can know.As they lay back together on the bed, Noah's arm under Nick's shoulders, Nick's fingers trailing in the sweet residue of his orgasm on Noah's body, Noah took a deep breath."You know Nick, when we make love in our dungeon, in our leathers, I'm loving you then too.""I know," he whispered."I just wanted to make it clear," Noah insisted. "I don't think of our sex, our leather sex, as just sex. What we did last night -- that was just sex. But when I give myself to you in leather, even when we are playing as master and slave, I am still loving you. It's not the leather that takes away the love. It's the joining in with others.""I understand, Noah, truly I do, and I agree," Nick soothed. "But it's nice to hear it said out loud anyway." They kissed again, tenderly. ***An hour later, they were back at Richard's computer again."There has to be something here about this `big boy'," Nick insisted. "Richard has everything else on here. Why would he hide one person?"Noah looked over Nick's shoulder, reading down the list of emails sent to Richard, or rather, to Mr Dominance."Hey, look there!" he suddenly shouted, pointing to a number of emails. "That has to be him."Nick looked more closely, and suddenly it dawned on him. "Of course! Supersub was close, but he got the name wrong. It's not `big boy', it's `pigboi'."There were at least half a dozen emails from pigboi on the list. Each of them was very explicit in what the writer could do to please Mr Dominance, and how much he wanted to get together. And the final one was a confirmation that they would meet -- the date matched up with the day the two of them had gone to Supersub's home; the day Supersub had been beaten up."That has to be him," Noah said certainly. "Now how do we find him?""Let's see if he has a profile on the match-up service as well," Nick muttered.It didn't take them long to find what they were looking for. Pigboi's profile was there just as Nick had suspected. There were several photos of him as well, and as the images downloaded onto the screen, they both stared at them intently."I recognise him!" Nick said suddenly."You do?" Noah looked surprised."Yeah, from the Club. He was one of the guys who crowded around us when we were ... you know," he finished lamely.Noah grinned. "It's okay, Nick, when you were ploughing my arse into oblivion! You can say it."Nick chuckled. "Okay, when I was ploughing your arse into oblivion. This guy was right there, very determined. I had to push him away a couple of times."How do you know it's him? With faces obscured and all ..."Nick smirked. "He has his name tattooed on his bum! `pig' on his left cheek, and `boi' on his right. I remember now. I thought there was something familiar about it when Supersub called him `big boy' last night. Look at this third photo -- from the back. It's not clear, but you can make out the words on his arse."Noah looked, and his eyes widened, sure enough, in a dark script that looked somehow mediaeval in style, the words `pig' and `boi' were written across the man's glutes."It looks like we're going back to the Club," Noah said simply.Nick searched his face for signs of concern."Don't worry, we'll be fine! Besides, I don't know if I can do "that" three nights in a row. Maybe we can just find and talk to this `pigboi' without putting on another show!"Nick grinned. ***When they showed up at the entrance to the `Tortura', the same young guy was behind the desk."Hi, guys," he said welcomingly. "Good to see you back again. I guess you enjoyed yourselves last time," he grinned."Sure did," Nick laughed, as they paid the entry fee and made their way through to the changing room.In the club proper, Noah settled at one of the small tables near the bar, looking around at the men already there. Nick joined him, and they slowly drank their beers, looking at anyone who walked by, or came into the club, checking for pigboi, but as yet no sign of him."Maybe he's not here tonight," Nick offered."Or maybe he's busy in one of the other areas," Noah chuckled. "Come on, finish up and let's go take a look."They sauntered away from the bar and checked in the sling room. It was busy tonight with three of the slings occupied, and at least five men crowding around on foot, hands and mouths active in all directions. A closer look revealed that none of the participants were their quarry, and they moved on. As they approached the area Lolita Nude Pics where a number of slave benches were set up along one wall, they found a group just beginning to disperse. One of the men walking away nodded to Nick amiably, Master to Master."Too late, Trojan," he said with a laugh. "You just missed a great show!""Sabre," Lolita Nude Pics Nick said haltingly in recognition. "Find yourself a boy yet?""Nah, but it ain't stopping me from enjoying what's around," the other man whispered conspiratorially."What about this one?" Nick asked, indicating the shrinking group.Sabre chuckled. "Not for me. He's a bit too intense, too desperate to please. A great show, though," he finished. "See you later, Trojan.""Sure will," Nick smiled.Back at the centre of the group, a master hovered over his slave, still shackled by the wrists and ankles to the bench. The Master stepped to one side, and Nick and Noah Lolita Nude Pics both saw the slave's arse at the same time -- the words `pig boi' clearly visible as the slave was bent over the equipment, his backside pointing upwards. As they watched, the Master undid the restraints, and casually tossed a whip across the slave's back."Go clean yourself up, boy," he ordered. "I'll be at the bar. Don't keep me waiting too long!"He walked away, casting glances at the handful of watchers still gathered around, chuckling as he went. The slave lay there for a few minutes, before slowly lifting himself up and stretching, getting sensation back into his arms and legs. The rest of the crowd had gone, leaving only Nick, Noah and pigboi in the room.Nick walked directly toward him. "I want a word with you, boy!" he commanded.The slave seemed torn between needing to leave, and wanting to obey Nick's order. "Uh, yes Sir?" he said in a whimper."I believe you know a friend of mine," Nick went on, holding the boy's eyes. "He uses the name `Mr Dominance'."Pigboi's eyes widened in shock, and more. There was real fear on his face, and his voice cracked when he tried to answer."No, Sir, please!" he hissed."What do you mean, `No'?" Nick demanded. "I know you've served him in the past.""Please, Sir," the slave begged again. "I can't, not now.""Why not?" asked Nick, the obvious fear in the slave worrying him."I'm here with my Master, Sir. He would kill me, literally, if he knew I had been serving anyone else without him supervising! Please, I beg you!"Nick examined him carefully. The sub's eyes constantly darted from Nick to the doorway which led to the bar and back. He completely ignored Noah."If you don't talk to me, I'll tell your Master anyway, and you'll still be in trouble," Nick said harshly. Noah stifled a gasp."No!" the slave almost shrieked, trying to keep his voice low at the same time. "I beg you, please no.""Then how do you and I have our little talk?" Nick said menacingly."I'll call you, Sir, later tonight, after my Master leaves me and goes home, I swear!" The slave sounded truly desperate.Nick considered this slowly, watching pigboi's reaction as he did. The slave was getting more and more anxious with each passing second."Very well. I'll have a card with my number ready. I'll be in the bar. You had better find a way of collecting that card before you leave, or I'll be having a word with your Master myself, understand?""Yes, Sir, I promise, Sir! Please, Sir, I have to go," he begged."Go then," said Nick dismissively. The other man all but ran from the room, as Nick turned to Noah."You wouldn't really do it, would you?" Noah said."No, I couldn't! But I had to make him think I would. Otherwise we'd never see him again," Nick explained. "I hate to think what that Master of his does. He was absolutely terrified!""Who knows?" mused Noah. "Still, pigboi must get something out of Lolita Nude Pics it, or he would just leave. Everyone has different ways of living their life I guess."Nick and Noah slowly made their way back to the lounges near the bar. Pigboi's master was leaning against the bar itself, drinking a beer, and nodded absently to Nick, thinking he saw a kindred spirit. Drawing on all his reserves, Nick calmly returned the nod. Noah retrieved a piece of paper and pen from the bar, and Nick wrote on it simply `Trojan!" and his mobile number, turning the paper face down, and tapping his finger on it.When the slave appeared, he looked around wildly, seeing Nick and Noah no more than five metres from his master. But when there was no reaction other than a muttered "You took your time!", he seemed to relax a little, and moved to stand obediently just beside the dominant man. After several minutes, he found the courage to look Lolita Nude Pics around the bar again inconspicuously, his glance finding Nick staring directly at him.Nick caught his eye, and tapped the card on the table, nodding his head and asking a question with his eyes. The slave nodded, almost imperceptibly, and looked away again. A few minutes later, the Master announced that he needed to take a piss."We'll leave when I get back, boy," he said to pigboi."Yes, Sir," the boy acknowledged.As soon as his master was out of sight, pigboi hurried over to Nick, grabbing the card with the name and number. He turned it over and read it quickly, then slid it into the space between his chaps and his thigh."Trojan, Sir, I promise I'll call you. Please, I beg you, don't say anything to my Master!""When?" was Nick's only response."Tonight, Sir. He will take me to my home, but after nights like tonight, he always leaves straight away to go home himself. I promise, I'll be able to call in an hour -- two at the most!""Very well, boy," Nick said dismissively. "But if you don't, then the next time I see your master here ...""I swear!" hissed the sub. There was a movement behind him and he looked anxiously toward the toilets, but the Master was not to be seen.Nick simply waved him away, and he hastily returned to where he had been when his master left. Without another look at him, Nick nodded to Noah, and together they calmly stood up, and left the club.Pigboi was true to his word. Just over an hour later, Nick's phone rang. No-one else would be calling him at that time of night. He hit the `loudspeaker' function so Noah could hear both sides of the conversation."Boy?' he barked into the phone."Yes, Sir, it's me. I'm sorry about earlier, Sir," answered the slave. He sounded much more relaxed, much more at ease than he had in the club. "You said you're a friend of Mr Dominance, Sir. If you want what he wanted then I don't think I can help, Sir," he said, a little edgily again."No, I don't want that," Nick replied, easing his tone, trying to sound less threatening. "In fact, I'm trying to find Mr Dominance. He disappeared a week ago, and I need to talk to him.""But I don't know where he is," answered the sub."You were with him, Tuesday night a week ago. You went with him to see another `boy' -- do you remember?""Oh yes, Sir," pigboi answered quickly. "That was the last time I saw him, Sir.""And you haven't been in contact with him since?""No, Sir. I told him that night that I couldn't, that I wouldn't. Not again. Not after that.""What do you mean?" Nick demanded."It was what he did to the other slave, Sir. I'm always happy to serve, happy to obey. But he got too, um, too `enthusiastic' if you know what I mean. He didn't stop when the other slave used his safe word. He kept on going. He left marks, Sir, permanent marks, you know? I told him then that I couldn't have that happen. If my Master found out I was serving another master, he would kill me, literally!""And Mr Dominance accepted that?" Nick asked, surprised."Uh, yes, Sir, he must have, because I haven't heard from him since. I'm surprised myself, because he was very aggressive. And he was good, too, Sir! The kind of Master a slave can really submit to. But I just couldn't take the risk anymore."Nick felt the chance of finding Richard slipping away. "Is there anyone else who might have seen him since, who might know where he is?" he asked, without much hope."I don't know, Sir, bit I doubt it. You know how it is -- people in our situation tend not to give too much away.""Yes, I know," Nick sounded exasperated."What about you, Sir?" pigboi asked, a different tone to his voice. "Are you looking for another slave? I can be very satisfying, Sir ...""No, thanks," Nick said abruptly. "You can't help me with what I need!" He ended the call without saying anything more.Nick turned to Noah with a question on his face. Noah just shrugged in reply."I think we've hit a dead end," he said unhappily. To be continued ... This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!
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